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As cryptocurrency is currently very popular and growing so quickly, I was fascinated by it. After browsing through cryptocurrency websites, I realized that cryptocurrency is extremely volatile and the prices and volumes change every second depending on the trades executed.

As I am learning the MEAN (MongoDB, Node.js, Express, Angular) stack, I thought it would be a good idea to implement a personal side project that displays the currency details and has a watchlist feature.

Since this is not a “how-to” post, I will only be documenting some major parts of the project with a few code snippets.


To start…


Sentiment Analysis, one of the most successful and well-known natural language processing techniques is very helpful in determining the sentiment or the opinion of the author (who is quoted in the text). It is a powerful way to make a judgement of the emotions and sentiments of people. It is widely used by many businesses to identify customer sentiment toward products, brands or services in online conversations and get their respective feedback.

Nowadays, everyone and their dogs(no joke) have instagram accounts. Sentiment analysis on twitter is very common and is done widely these days. But, Instagram captions ( the text…

Recommendations for similar tshirts/ cardigans while shopping {Source}

As a consumer for various e-commerce websites, I was always intrigued when the platforms started recommending items that were similar to previous purchases, searching history or even just items that looked alike. With quarantine having left me with extreme boredom, I decided to dive further into the world of Recommendation engines and boy was I disappointed. Turns out, the algorithms are not very difficult to understand. Therefore, I decided to create a recommendation system for the fun of it.

The Outline

Data Collection

Creating a Transfer Learning model and Saving it

Getting recommendations

Creating a User Interface and embedding the model


Niharika Pandit

Full stack MEAN dev | Data enthusiast | Avid reader

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